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PedAlignTM Digital Casting System

Custom made orthotics are superior to store-bought inserts

When your feet hurt, even the simplest task can be agonizing. People often look for quick and inexpensive relief, particularly to over-the-counter insoles or arch supports. What these over-the-counter products lack is a medical diagnosis. Wearing the wrong type of shoe insert can be detrimental to feet, especially for people with diabetes or arthritis. You should also be wary of products with lofty claims or promises of comfort based solely on size.

Only a licensed health care professional can diagnose and prescribe medical treatments, including orthotics. The podiatrists at Centers For Foot and Ankle Care (CFAC) provide comprehensive care by examining, diagnosing and treating foot pain. Based on the diagnosis, we often prescribe orthotics as a conservative approach. These orthotic devices prescribed by one of our podiatrists are not just custom-made for your feet, but also engineered to treat your specific diagnosis.

Although prescription orthotic devices can be expensive, they may be covered by insurance. Check with your insurance company to find out how much of the cost will be picked up by your plan. Over-the-counter or "custom-made" shoe inserts from retail stores are rarely covered by insurance.

PedAlignThe PedAlignTM Technology

The CFAC podiatrists offer PedAlignTM digital casting technology for production of their custom orthotics. It is no exaggeration to call PedAlignTM's state-of-the-art image scanning is "rocket science". PedAlignTM's image analysis technology was originally developed by NASA and the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Our PedAlignTM optical infrared scanner captures and digitizes images of your feet in a spilt second. Your digital footprint and prescription are then transmitted to PedAlignTM for evaluation and production of high quality custom orthotics.

The PedAlignTM system allows our CFAC podiatrists to fit your specific needs while maintaining excellent biomechanical control. PedAlignTM offers a fashion model suitable for wearing with high fashion designer shoes.


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