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TopazTM and Tendon Micro Debridement

Injuries and diseases of tendons or ligaments are common in the foot and ankle. Many of these problems can be managed medically but some do require surgery. Conventional surgery can require long post operative healing times. The doctors at CFAC can often repair tendons and ligaments using the TopazTM Microdebrider which allows for much faster healing and earlier return to daily activities.

The TopazTM Microdebrider is a revolutionary new technology offering a minimally invasive alternative for the treatment of tendons and ligaments. Where traditional surgery uses large incisions and can cause extensive tissue damage, the TopazTM Microdebrider allows surgeons to have more precise control when treating a damaged tendon or ligament while preserving the anatomical structure of the surrounding tissue. Giving the surgeon more control and precision greatly reduces the overall trauma associated with conventional surgeries. By minimizing "collateral damage", healing times are reduced and return to normal activities can occur sooner.

The TopazTM Microdebrider utilizes Coblation technology which uses radiofrequency energy to cause microscopic "trauma" to the target tissue. This gently dissolves the scar tissue and increases blood flow to the affected area which facilitates healing. TopazTM Coblation generates much less heat than other radiofrequency devices, which further reduces damage to surrounding structures. Depending on the ligament or tendon involved, TopazTM can often be used without an incision at all. Tendons and ligaments can frequently be treated by placing the needle-like TopazTM tip directly through the skin. Treatment without an incision can dramatically reduce healing time and allow much faster return to normal.

Common conditions in the foot and ankle that can be treated with TopazTM include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, and peroneal tendonitis.

Make an appointment with one of our doctors to see if a TopazTM procedure might be the right choice for you.


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