Are you thinking of participating in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon next year? If so, you likely already know that preparation for a 26.2-mile race like this takes many months before the event.

Preparation not only includes training, but also choosing the best shoes for your feet. If this is your first marathon, keep in mind that you will need more specialized shoes than what you normally use for your daily run or jog.

Here are 10 tips for choosing the best shoes to wear when participating in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon:

1. Choose according to the distance you’re running

There are shoes that are specifically made for marathon runners and high-mileage runners. Keep in mind that you will need shoes that can provide cushioning from contact with the pavement, and shoes that are durable enough to take the long-distance pummeling.

2.Shoes for hitting the pavement

Different shoes are made for different types of terrain. Running shoes are either trail or road shoes, with the former having more grip and tread and the latter being flatter for a swifter run. The Flying Pig Marathon is an all-paved race, so keep that in mind when you choose your shoes.

3. Decide based on past experience

If New Balance or Nike has made you a loyal follower, then explore the shoe options they have for long-distance running. Avoid brands of shoes that gave you blisters in the past.

4. Try them on for a test-run

Without actually running in them beforehand, you won’t really know whether the shoe is the right kind for your feet. Take them for a run and assess your comfort level with them, and see whether they offer enough arch support.

5. Take your insoles with you when you shop

To accurately assess the compatibility of the shoe for your needs, be sure to take your insoles and preferred footwear with you – such as your running socks, orthotics, and/or insoles. If you will be wearing them on the day of the marathon, then be sure to bring them along when shopping for the right shoes.

6. Comfort is most important

When it comes to choosing shoes for the Flying Pig Marathon, listen to your body. If your feet are not comfortable wearing the shoes in the store, they will not feel comfortable when running a marathon. Therefore, do not buy shoes that need to be broken in.

7. Pick the right size

Your shoe size may vary depending on the brand, so do not shop for running shoes online. Don’t buy anything too small or too big; the shoe should feel snug but cozy.

8. Pick light shoes

When you get up, walk around, and go for a run, observe how your feet move inside the shoes. Try running up and down ramps and stairs for a more accurate feel. Are the shoes light enough that you feel like you could do anything in them? This is critical, because heavy shoes can drag you down when running.

9. Ask for help from the staff

It’s best to ask for the opinion and advice of a staff member. A professional will take into account the unique anatomy of your feet and guide you toward the right type of shoe.

10. Shop later in the day

Your feet swell later in the day, so it is best to shop for shoes at a later hour in order to accommodate for size variations during the race. You wouldn’t want your shoes to suddenly feel too snug during the Flying Pig Marathon.

Podiatrist in Cincinnati

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