Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care has Custom Orthotics created by 3-D Scanning

When your feet hurt, even the simplest task can be agonizing. People often look for quick and inexpensive relief, particularly to over-the-counter insoles or arch supports. But what these over-the-counter products lack is a proper medical evaluation.

Wearing the wrong type of shoe insert can be detrimental to feet, especially for people with diabetes or arthritis. You should also be wary of products with lofty claims or promises of comfort based solely on size.

Only a licensed health care professional can diagnose and prescribe medical treatments, including orthotics. The podiatrists at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care provide comprehensive care by examining, diagnosing, and treating all kinds of foot pain.

Based on your diagnosis, we often prescribe orthotics as a conservative treatment approach for many foot problems. These orthotic devices prescribed by one of our podiatrists are not just custom-made for your feet, but also engineered to treat your specific diagnosis.

Although prescription orthotic devices can be expensive, they may be covered by insurance. Check with your insurance company to find out how much of the cost will be picked up by your plan. Over-the-counter or “custom-fit” shoe inserts from retail stores are rarely covered by insurance.

Our podiatrists are trained in various techniques for fabricating custom orthotics from plaster casting/molding to digital imaging.

3D Scanning for Custom Orthotics

The board-certified podiatrists at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle offer OSI Allied Labs scanning technology for the production of your custom orthotics.

CFAC has partnered with Allied OSI Labs for a technology that utilizes a computer tablet with a Structure Sensor Scanner attached to the device. The Structure Sensor captures dense geometry in real-time. This creates precise 3D models with high-resolution textures in seconds.

The laser on the sensor displays a “point cloud” on the foot in front of the iPad. Once the scanning is started the camera is taking multiple pictures as it is moved around the foot. When the scanning is stopped, a 3D image is rendered. It’s really that simple.

One of the advantages of this type of digital scanning is the equipment and software allow for a non-weight bearing, neutral position of the foot. You will lie on the exam table while the technician scans your foot.

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For more information about the OSI Allied Labs’ technology for custom orthotics, visit us at the location nearest to you or request an appointment online to arrange a consultation.

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