Foot Corns can cause Foot Pain

When foot pain strikes, it can make it difficult for you to wear your favorite shoes, stand for long periods of time, or simply enjoy your usual physical activities. That’s why it’s not only important to maintain the health and well-being of your feet, but also to understand the reason for your foot pain.

The experts at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care are here to help. Two of the most common foot ailments are corns and calluses.

A corn on a foot is a small lump of skin that develops on the top of the feet or toes due to friction or rubbing from wearing poorly fitting shoes. This excess skin can be hard or soft and usually yellow in appearance. It is also tender to the touch and typically causes pain if you press on it.

A callus is also a form of excess skin caused by friction, but it tends to be rough to the touch, less sensitive than surrounding skin, and white or gray in appearance. Nevertheless, a callus can be painful when pressed.

Foot Corns Treatment

A podiatrist at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care can trim your corns or provide medication to shrink them. To prevent corns on your feet, wear comfortable shoes that fit properly.

Calluses Treatment

A foot callus can be self-treated with non-medicated callus pads. However, if the callus begins weeping, changing colors, or bleeding profusely, you should seek medical attention to have the infection monitored or lanced or cauterized.

If you need help dealing with your corns and calluses, call the foot specialists at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care at the location nearest to you to arrange an appointment or use our online form to request a consultation.

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