Orthotics are specialized shoe inserts that are used to correct biomechanical foot issues and provide relief from symptoms such as foot pain. There are over-the-counter orthotics that you can find at your local pharmacy, and then there are custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices that you can get from a podiatry clinic. The word “custom” means the shoe inserts are created from impressions of your feet. They should fit your shoe precisely and address your foot issue perfectly.

Not all orthotics are created equal, even custom orthotics have differences. Here, let’s talk about Pedalign and the 3D scanning system by Allied OSI Labs, which are two of the most technologically advanced and streamlined custom orthotic creation systems available today.

What is Pedalign?

Pedalign is a digital system for creating custom orthotics. It uses infrared scanners to create a 2D image of the foot. You will be asked to step on a scanner to create a digital footprint and within seconds, images become available. The scan of your foot will be sent to PedAlign’s laboratory, where they will use it to quickly create your prescription orthotic, which is engineered for your feet.

Allied OSI Labs 3D Scanning Technology

Even more advanced are 3D scanning systems that capture the dense geometry of your feet in real time. To create images of your foot through the Allied OSI Labs 3D Scanning system, a structure sensor, which is attached to a computer tablet, takes multiple pictures as the device moves around the foot. Images of the plantar and posterior surfaces of the foot, as well as the medial and lateral sides of the foot, are captured clearly and highly accurately, producing reliable images for custom orthotic creation. Allied OSI Labs is podiatrist-owned and an industry leader in custom orthotics.

Another advantage of this 3D scanning system is that the test requires no weight-bearing exercise. You will be asked to lie on an exam table for the scan, which keeps your foot in a neutral position. Afterward, the scan will be sent to the laboratory for the creation of your prescription orthotics. 3D scanning is a major upgrade from the traditional 2D casting process used to create custom orthotics for many years.

If you are interested in custom orthotics for your foot problem, consult a podiatrist about 3D scanning today.

Custom Orthotics in Cincinnati, OH

At Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care, we are proud to offer the Pedalign system and Allied OSI Labs 3D Scanning system to our patients, as well as also plaster casting and molding. Our board-certified podiatrists are trained in the use of various techniques to create accurate and richly detailed images of your foot. We want to have the most comprehensive picture of your podiatry issues in order to provide you with the most effective treatment methods, including custom-made orthotics.

To schedule a consultation with us, call our podiatry clinic nearest you or use our convenient appointment request form. Our friendly staff looks forward to providing you with the best podiatry treatment in Cincinnati.