The discomfort caused by foot pain can interfere with performing your daily tasks and activities. If you suffer from pain in your feet, it is imperative to know how to give your feet the best care in order to help alleviate your foot pain.

Most people who have foot pain are wearing the wrong kind of shoes – in other words, improperly fitting footwear. Regular, off-the-shelf shoes may not provide enough support or the proper fit for your feet, but custom footwear or orthopedic shoes can address these problems and make your feet feel wonderful.

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed footwear that helps to alleviate pressure points in the foot, ankle, and leg. Below are some of the reasons why you may have foot pain, and how custom footwear can help put a spring back in your step.

Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain may be due to several reasons, including the following:

  • Irregular gait. Having an improper way of walking can impact your hips and knees, and your feet may be hitting the ground awkwardly.
  • Foot deformities. These can include thick callouses, hammertoes, jogger’s heel, and bunions.
  • Vigorous running and jumping activities. These can lead to a condition called metatarsalgia, which is the painful inflammation of the ball of the foot – right between the toes and the arch.
  • This is swelling in your lower limbs.
  • Charcot arthropathy. This is the breaking down of bones and joints in the foot due to neuropathy.
  • Inflammation of the joints can cause foot pain – including the ankles and toes.
  • This chronic condition causes low blood flow in the feet and therefore can cause foot pain.

Benefits of Using Custom Footwear

Managing the pain and discomfort brought on by medical conditions affecting the foot can be done through custom footwear that is fashioned specifically for your own feet. Customized orthopedic shoes are beneficial in correcting and preventing further complications of your foot, so you can achieve better overall mobility and pain relief.

One of the advantages of having custom footwear is gaining additional support and control. Whenever your foot touches the ground, each step will be more stable than before. Customized orthopedic footwear can help you maintain your balance when you’re standing and walking, and it can lessen horizontal movement from side to side.

Custom-made shoes are built specifically to relieve pressure points that cause foot pain. They incorporate additional padding and special material to reduce irritation of the skin.

Depending upon your own needs, these shoes may also have multiple features that support the arch, ball, and heel of the foot. They will position your feet correctly to avoid muscular pain, fatigue, and overstretching of tendons and ligaments.

Foot Specialists in Cincinnati

With the help of customized footwear, your daily life can run smoothly again. When looking for the right shoes for your feet, it is always best to seek the advice of an experienced podiatrist.

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