Hallux limitus is a foot condition that causes pain and limited movement of the big toe. “Hallux” means “big toe,” and “limitus” is a variant of “limited” – meaning the limited movement of the toe joint.

This condition differs from gout, which is arthritis that usually affects the big toe. Gout is joint inflammation that causes redness, warmth, swelling, and tenderness to the touch. Hallux limitus causes constant pain and limited mobility of the toe joint, but not inflammation.

If hallux limitus is left untreated, it can progress to more disabling hallux rigidus, which makes it impossible for the big toe to flex and move. Let’s talk about how hallux limitus can lead to joint pain in the big toe, and where you can go in Southwest Ohio for outstanding podiatric care.

Why Hallux Limitus Occurs

Abnormal foot structures are the most common cause of pain in the big toe joint. These issues can accelerate the degeneration of the soft tissues in the foot that protect and support the joints. When pressure is applied to the feet awkwardly every time you walk, it distributes your weight in improper ways, and this leads to issues such as joint pain in the big toe.

When the big toe loses its flexibility, it can affect your body’s overall stability and mobility. We don’t fully appreciate how important the big toe is in walking until we experience pain or injury to the big toe.

Is the Pain in My Big Toe Due to Hallux Limitus?

Symptoms of hallux limitus include:

  • Pain in the big toe that can be described as deep or achy (as opposed to arthritis inflammation)
  • Toe pain and stiffness with physical activity, such as walking and running
  • An inflexible big toe joint
  • A grinding sensation when moving the big toe joint
  • Pain in the big toe during rest
  • Pain and discomfort while wearing shoes
  • Pain in the hip, knee, and lower back
  • Deformity in the shape of the foot and/or toes

If you have any of these symptoms or other types of foot pain, be sure to have your foot evaluated by a foot and ankle doctor. The podiatrist will determine whether you have gout, foot arthritis, hallux limitus, foot fracture, or another type of injury, and will then recommend and administer treatment that works to alleviate the joint pain in your big toe.

Big Toe Joint Pain Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

A foot and ankle doctor or podiatrist has the experience necessary to effectively treat hallux limitus and other issues causing foot pain. If you are suffering from toe pain or instability from hallux limitus or something similar, have our foot and ankle doctors at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care evaluate your condition and recommend options for treatment.

Our medical team has vast experience treating all manner of foot conditions, and we can address factors that contribute to hallux limitus. We will make sure you experience quick relief from your foot condition.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call our clinic nearest you or use our online appointment request form. We look forward to helping you keep your feet and body healthy and active!