Have you ever experienced a foot problem and wondered if you should see an orthopedic foot surgeon? Are you curious about the procedures and treatments they offer? Well, look no further because this blog post is for you!

Podiatrists are more than just foot surgeons; they are skilled physicians who provide specialized foot care. They aim to reduce hospitalization rates in adults with diabetes but perform foot amputations themselves when necessary.

Let’s talk about how an orthopedic foot surgeon can help you with amputations and where you can go for amputation in Cincinnati, OH.

Who Does Amputations?

Amputation as a foot surgery removes all or part of a limb. It can be a daunting prospect for patients. However, it is typically only used after attempting other treatment methods first. Any of the following healthcare specialists can perform an amputation:

  • Foot surgeons or podiatrists
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • General surgeons

However, they don’t do it alone. They receive support from nurses and, in some cases, vascular, plastic, and reconstructive surgeons to save the limb.

After an amputation, patients may work with physiatrists for rehabilitation and prosthetists for physical support.

Which Doctor Should I Consult?

Depending on the extent of tissue removal needed, a podiatrist or podiatric surgeon may handle toe and foot amputations below the ankle. A podiatrist is a medical professional with medical training to assess, diagnose, and treat various problems related to the foot and ankle. They can address a broad range of conditions and perform surgery.

Amputations requiring the removal of more tissue — such as the entire lower leg — may be carried out by a general surgeon or orthopedic surgeon.

In any case, it’s a good idea to seek a foot doctor specializing in treating diabetic patients. It’s also good if they have extensive experience in lower extremity amputation.

Are Amputations Necessary?

Choosing to amputate a limb is a serious decision. A patient might need an amputation for various reasons, such as:

  • Severe injuries
  • Infections resistant to treatment
  • Illnesses, especially severe diabetes

Typically, doctors perform progressive amputations to minimize the tissue they remove. However, the patient may need additional surgery if the wound fails to heal or if there isn’t enough blood flow to the limb.

Orthopedic foot surgeons undergo extensive training to perform such procedures. They are adept at making the incisions necessary to remove the affected tissue with as little harm to the patient as possible. They are also well-versed in minimizing pain and enhancing recovery after the treatment.

Diabetic Patients

Individuals with diabetes require specialized foot care. Diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy in the feet and legs. Peripheral neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can decrease feeling in a limb. Numbness in your leg can make it difficult to detect any injuries there. If left unattended, a doctor may suggest amputation to prevent the infection from spreading.

How Foot Surgeons Can Help You

Amputation has two goals. One is to remove untreatable tissue to ensure the health of a patient. The second is to ensure the patient can continue to live a normal life. For example, a foot surgeon would aim to preserve a functional length in the affected limb so that a patient can still walk with the help of an assistive device.

Foot surgeons also work to preserve sensation and prevent joint contractures. Amputation contractures occur when the soft tissue near the amputation site shortens, tightens, and contracts. A contracture can affect the skin, muscles, and connective tissues. They can restrict movement or even immobilize a joint.

It’s essential that patients are comfortable and can function even after an amputation. A patient typically works with a reconstructive surgeon or receives a prosthetic limb afterward.

Risks of Amputation in Diabetic Patients

Amputation of a foot or leg increases the chance of death in people with diabetes. Therefore, prevention will always be better than cure. Neglecting a foot injury may lead to an infection that can eventually necessitate amputation. That’s why podiatrists specialize in wound care for people with diabetes to minimize the chances of leg and foot infections in diabetic patients.

In conclusion, foot surgeons can perform amputations. However, attempting other treatment methods before resorting to amputation is usually better. Orthopedic foot surgeons undergo rigorous training and work with other specialists to ensure the patient can live a normal life after the amputation.

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