Staying in shape can be difficult when you have a foot problem that hinders you from moving freely or even just standing upright. Whether your mobility is temporarily or permanently restricted, you can still achieve your fitness goals by trying certain activities that involve movement of just your upper body. With a little creativity, you can adjust your activities to suit your mobility level without compromising the stability and safety of your affected foot.

Consider these tips that we’ve gathered from our very own board-certified podiatrists here at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care to help you pursue and achieve your fitness goals despite your foot problem.

Hit the Pool.

Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that you can do with ease even if you have a foot problem.

Aside from swimming, can also do aqua jogging (deep water running). With this form of cardiovascular exercise, you jog and run laps in the water. You may also wear a flotation device and jog in place.

When you’re out of the water, make sure to wear supportive water shoes or spend as little time as possible barefoot to avoid exacerbating your foot problem.

Ride a Stationary Bike.

If your foot problem doesn’t affect your ankle or is only mild, you may be able to use a stationary bike.

Of course, you should talk to your podiatrist before trying this exercise and stop at the first sign of discomfort. Trying to play through the pain can worsen your problem.

Go for Abdominal Exercises.

Knee raises, leg lifts, crunches, twists, sit-ups, and other muscle training exercises done on an exercise mat all help you increase your flexibility and strength.

Try Bench Presses.

The bench press is a functional workout that involves only the muscles of your upper body: arms, pectorals (chest muscles), and shoulders. It is done lying down, and thus, it is safe to do when you have foot pain.

Play Adaptive Sports.

If you have a permanent foot disability, you can still participate in your favorite sport: basketball, table tennis, football, sled hockey, or soccer game.

Adaptive sports run parallel to typical sports activities, but these are geared toward helping people with physical challenges achieve optimal health, well-being, and quality of life despite their conditions.

You can get a specialty chair, which can provide you with the essential speed and mobility. Depending on your specific sport, there is a vast range of specialty chairs available on the market.

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