Pregnancy affects so much of a woman’s body as her body adjusts to the growing baby inside. Because of the naturally increasing weight, one of the most common complaints of every pregnant woman is foot pain.

Foot problems due to pregnancy will likely get worse as the pregnancy progresses. With proper foot care, however, you may reduce or prevent foot pain during the pregnancy.

A podiatrist can help you stay more comfortable during your pregnancy by explaining proper foot care and treating foot issues as soon as possible. This will help to prevent further complications.

Foot Problems During Pregnancy

The weight a woman gains in her abdomen during pregnancy not only adds to the pressure on the knees and feet, but it also changes the body’s center of gravity. This affects stability when walking, when getting up from a seated position, and sitting down from a standing position. All of these actions force the feet to support the added weight in relatively awkward ways.

What’s more, the relaxin hormone may cause a woman’s feet to swell – and this can lead to leg cramping and foot pain. It’s also common for women to develop plantar fasciitis during pregnancy due to the change in weight, balance, and movement.

Proper Foot Care While Pregnant

A podiatrist will provide you with tips and solutions to foot problems during pregnancy. Your doctor may tell you to try to keep your feet elevated in order to prevent swelling.

The additional stress on your feet during pregnancy may also cause you to develop corns and calluses. A podiatrist will treat the corns and calluses in order to prevent an infection that could affect your pregnancy. Treatment may involve medication and trimming the thickened skin.

A podiatrist may also advise you about:

  • The proper way to sit in order to avoid straining
  • How to avoid extra pressure on your lower extremities
  • Sleeping on your left side to help with circulation
  • Wearing compression stockings to facilitate circulation
  • Doing regular foot exercises
  • Proper hygiene and maintenance of the feet

Special Footwear During Pregnancy

It’s normal for a pregnant woman to go up in size, even in footwear. Wearing the right footwear will have a tremendous effect on how your legs and feet feel during pregnancy. Proper pregnancy footwear consists of comfortable shoes with cushioning, heel support, and arch support.

Avoid wearing heels and boots while pregnant. Your podiatrist will explain the best types of sneakers and other supportive footwear to wear during your pregnancy.

If you have difficulty finding comfortable shoes, a podiatrist can assess your feet and provide you with custom-made orthotics for your use during pregnancy.

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