Bunions are bony protrusions at the base of the big toe joint that can cause pain when walking. If you have just come home from a long day at work and are experiencing bunion pain, there are ways to ease it.

1.  Change Into Different Footwear

It may be tempting to wear flip-flops all the time, but this type of footwear does not give your feet the support they need. Although bunion pain can get worse due to friction against the inside of the shoe, wearing generic flip-flops are no better. For greater comfort, opt for footwear that allows the toes to spread and relax, and have arch support to reduce pressure on the big toe joint by transferring it to the arch of the foot.

2.  Apply Ice to the Bunion

Applying ice to the bunion helps ease pain and swelling. It is recommended that you ice the area for at least 10 minutes to help relieve symptoms. This, combined with proper footwear for bunions, can help improve bunion symptoms.

3.  Apply a Topical Pain Reliever

Topical pain relievers can help reduce pain and inflammation in the short term. One example is Biofreeze, which is very popular and works to significantly ease pain by decreasing blood flow and temporarily confusing pain signals. Biofreeze can be applied to the bunion up to four times per day to ease pain symptoms.

4.  Wear Bunion Pads

Bunion pads work by taking pressure away from bunions. Protective pads are usually worn with shoes, as they function to prevent friction between the bunion and the inside of the shoe. They also provide cushioning for greater comfort. There are different bunion pads, some address pain, while others address the misalignment of the big toe. There are some that claim to do both. To make sure you have the best bunion pad for your condition, consult a healthcare specialist.

5.  Use a Toe Separator

The function of the toe separator is to spread the toes apart and prevent them from moving out of alignment. It also keeps your big toe joint straight. For most, a toe separator can bring immediate pain relief from bunions.

If you are looking for lasting relief from bunion pain, it is better to see a foot and ankle doctor or podiatrist. Bunions are most often treated without surgery. A podiatrist will be able to provide you with more options for bunion relief and guide you on how to improve symptoms using at-home bunion treatments.

Bunion Treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio

The podiatrists at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care are exceptionally skilled at treating bunions and can perform bunion surgery if symptoms do not improve for the patient. Let one of our experts evaluate your condition and provide you with solutions for quick and immediate relief from bunion pain.

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