Peroneal tendonitis occurs when the tendons that run on the outside of the ankle (peroneal tendons) get inflamed. The condition develops usually as a result of overuse, although it can also be caused by an injury, namely an ankle sprain.

Given the proximity of the peroneal tendons to the ankle— which is a major joint— any problems in them can significantly affect your balance, range of motion, stability, and overall function. It stands to reason that you need to seek proper intervention when you experience the symptoms of peroneal tendonitis.

Discussed below are the common symptoms of peroneal tendonitis. It’s worth noting that these can overlap those of other foot or ankle problems. Seeing a podiatrist (foot doctor) is, therefore, crucial for getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, and preventing long-term complications.

Ankle Pain

The peroneal tendons essentially serve as the “workhorse” of the ankle: they stabilize the joint and protect it from injuries.

Inflammation of the peroneal tendons can cause ankle pain, which is often accompanied by weakness and instability in the joint. The pain notably worsens with movement and lessens with rest, or gets exacerbated by any activity that involves turning the foot in or out.

Swelling, Warmth, Tenderness, and Redness

As with any other tendon, when the peroneal tendons get overworked, they can develop microscopic tears in them, resulting in swelling, warmth, tenderness, and redness around the area.

Tendon Thickening

Over time, peroneal tendonitis can result in the tendons rubbing on the lower leg bone (fibula). Such friction causes the tendons to thicken to efficiently manage the strain placed on them.

Thickening is also a sign that the fibers of the tendons have become disorganized, weak, and prone to tears or rupture. Peroneal tendon rupture can be extremely painful and lead to subsequent damage to the ankle and permanent disability. In such a case, a podiatrist may recommend surgery (tendon repair) to prevent these complications.

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