Pediatric patients between the ages of infancy up to 18 are more prone to various foot conditions, such as congenital deformities, sprains and fractures, and skin and soft tissue problems.

Since children are more physically active and more sensitive, foot conditions can lead to mental, behavioral, and social issues if not treated early. Therefore, consulting a pediatric podiatrist can minimize the pain and discomfort in any developing child.

Let’s talk about some common treatment options available for pediatric foot conditions and where you can go in Cincinnati, OH, for outstanding pediatric foot care.

Plantar Warts, Athlete’s Foot, and Ingrown Toenails

Many common pediatric foot conditions can be treated using non-surgical methods. Plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and ingrown toenails can be treated at home or with in-office procedures. As for plantar warts, applying salicylic acid or cantharidine directly to the wart can help remove them. Athlete’s foot usually responds to anti-fungal cream put on the rash twice a day for seven days. Ingrown toenails can be properly cut, and the excess skin can be removed in the doctor’s clinic.

Flatfoot, Flexible Flatfoot, and High Foot Arch

Flexible flatfoot, another common pediatric foot condition in young children who may not be able to communicate what they are feeling, causes pain and cramping. Custom orthotics, which are custom molded to the child’s foot, can help ease symptoms of the condition. Other congenital structural abnormalities are high arches and flat feet, which can also benefit from custom orthotics. Surgery is typically only considered if the symptoms persist.

Growth Plate Injury/Fracture

Injuries affecting the growth plate can be treated using manipulation or surgery. A sprain to an adult may be a fracture in a child who is still growing. Fractures to the growth plate will need to be set to return the bones and joints to the correct position. Once the bones are repositioned, a cast will be placed over the ankle. If the fracture is severe, surgery is typically needed to realign the bones and ensure they heal straight.

Treatment for Pediatric Foot Condition in Cincinnati, OH

Every child deserves to have an active childhood free from foot pain. With our expertise combined with compassion, we at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care strive to ensure that your child has the best possible treatment outcomes.

Our board-certified physicians are highly experienced in treating the most common and complex pediatric foot conditions. They will evaluate your child’s condition and suggest the best treatment options available put him or her on the path to recovery.