Is it time for you to see a foot and ankle surgeon?

A foot and ankle surgeon or podiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of conditions and injuries affecting the ankle. These surgeons can provide both surgical and nonsurgical care.

Some common procedures that a foot and ankle surgeon may perform include repairing ligament or tendon damage, removing bone chips or debris, and realigning bones or joints. Foot and ankle surgeons can also provide treatments for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.

If you’re experiencing issues with your foot or ankle, you may be wondering whether it is time for you to see a foot and ankle surgeon. Here, we give you 10 reasons to see this expert in Cincinnati.

If your ankle pain is severe or has lasted for more than a few days, it’s time to see a podiatrist. If the pain is severe, it is likely due to an injury that needs treatment.

If your pain is making it difficult to walk or put weight on your ankle or foot, it’s a reason to seek medical attention. Unless you have had a minor ankle sprain, which can be treated at home in most cases, you should seek the help of a foot and ankle doctor.
This could be due to stiffness from arthritis or other conditions affecting the joints and tendons around the ankle. A loss of range of motion can make everyday activities such as climbing stairs more difficult. A foot and ankle surgeon will find out how best to treat it, so you can regain full mobility.

Ankle swelling that doesn’t go down after two or three days or repeatedly comes back could be a sign that there’s something else going on inside, like a circulation problem, which needs medical attention.

If any area of the skin on your ankle has changed color, such as red or blue, or just paled or darkened, a podiatrist can find out its underlying cause. The discoloration is common in diabetics.

If you have chronic issues with an ingrown nail, an ankle surgeon can treat it, so you have lasting relief from the pain, as this issue causes pain that is hard to ignore. A foot and ankle expert can remove the corner of the nail along with its root in a safe manner.

Diabetics can suffer from slow-healing wounds, and the longer it takes for the wound to heal, the higher the chances of it getting infected. Foot and ankle surgeons can provide proper wound care to protect it and speed up the healing.
With age comes an increased risk of developing arthritis and other foot conditions. If you want to maintain a physically active lifestyle, a foot and ankle surgeon can provide individualized recommendations, such as custom orthotics, as preventive measures against injury and accelerated wear-and-tear.
Podiatrists are well-trained and experienced in treating chronic ankle injuries, such as ankle sprains, and preventing ankle instability.
A foot and ankle surgeon is most qualified to perform surgery on the foot and ankle. Their study and training are focused on the treatment of a full range of foot and ankle conditions, from tissue tears and fractures to arthritis.

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