Does your child complain of foot pain or walking difficulties? Have you noticed strange bumps or lesions on your child’s foot?

If the answer is yes, then they may have plantar warts. This contagious viral condition can cause a wart if the human papillomavirus (HPV) enters a cut or vulnerable spot in your skin on the foot.

Having pediatric plantar warts can be excruciating for a child. Swift diagnosis and treatment are necessary to help alleviate the pain and restore comfortable walking on the affected foot.

Treatments for Plantar Warts in Children

You should not try to remove plantar warts via over-the-counter treatments or home-based methods. Bring your child to an experienced podiatrist so that the doctor can diagnose your child’s foot condition and provide treatment that works.

Professional medical treatments for pediatric plantar warts include the following:


Also known as freezing treatment, cryotherapy is performed as a doctor applies liquid nitrogen to a plantar wart using a spray or cotton swab. It can cause a slight burning or stinging feeling from the chemical, so your podiatrist may numb the affected area first.

The liquid nitrogen causes the dead skin of the wart to slough off after a week or so. Cryotherapy often requires repeat visits to the doctor after two to four weeks until the plantar wart is fully removed.


This treatment is a biological therapy that involves the use of medications or other solutions introduced into the body to stimulate your immune system. This procedure works to help your body fight off various conditions, including the virus that is causing plantar warts in your child’s feet.

Your podiatrist will either inject an antigen or apply a solution or cream to your child’s warts. Some common side effects include pain at the injection site and flu-like symptoms.

Minor Surgery

Your podiatrist may also perform minor surgery to remove your child’s plantar warts. This procedure may be through electrodesiccation and curettage. During this process, your doctor numbs the area first before drying the wart with high-frequency electric current and removing it with a curette.

Pediatric Plantar Wart Treatment in Cincinnati

Plantar warts usually heal on their own over time; however, they can be very uncomfortable for children. It may make walking difficult for them, because these warts tend to form on the bottom of the foot. So when your child complains of foot pain and you notice lesions or black pinpoints on the bottom of their feet, seek medical care from a trusted podiatrist.

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