Ankle pain can have different causes. It could be due to a sprain, fracture, osteoarthritis, or bursitis, to name a few. Ankle pain from an injury, when mild, may be treated using the RICE (rice, ice, compression, and elevation) method. If symptoms improve, there may be no need to see a doctor at all. However, ankle pain that is severe or persistent and accompanied by other symptoms needs to be treated by a doctor.

Here is more information on when it’s time to see a doctor for ankle pain.

Hearing a Popping Sound in Your Ankle

Hearing a popping or snapping sound after twisting your ankle is a symptom of an injury to the ankle joint or ligament. If it’s followed by severe ankle pain, the injury may be severe. The only way to accurately determine the severity of the damage is with an X-ray.

Severe Pain and Swelling

Severe pain is an indicator of a serious injury. At first, any ankle injury will cause pain, however, it should improve after a few days of conservative treatment. For instance, an ankle sprain tends to get better in a few days. If your ankle pain gets worse, see a doctor immediately.

Loss of Feeling

Conversely, loss of feeling may indicate nerve damage. Patients with diabetes are at risk of developing peripheral neuropathy, which is nerve damage that results from elevated blood sugar levels. You will likely feel a pins-and-needles sensation (paresthesia) as well as numbing. This should be evaluated by a doctor.


Severe fractures can cause deformity. The bone may even protrude through the skin. With a fracture this serious, you will be in severe pain and in need of immediate medical care. Ankle fractures that are undiagnosed and do not receive proper treatment can also cause deformity. There are long-term consequences for a poorly treated ankle fracture, such as arthritis.

Unable To Put Weight on Affected Ankle

An ankle injury such as a sprain or fracture can make it painful to put weight on the affected ankle. Ankle pain, stiffness, swelling, and limited range of motion are other symptoms that typically occur along with ankle weakness.

Unable To Resume Normal Activities

If you are unable to walk and resume normal activities after several days, have your ankle pain evaluated by a doctor. This is often a sign that an underlying injury or condition needs treatment before you can see an improvement in symptoms.

Your ankles are very important to your day-to-day function. A foot and ankle doctor can determine the cause of your ankle pain or the extent of your injury and recommend the appropriate recovery and rehabilitation program.

Ankle Pain Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

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