Achilles tendonitis can cause ankle pain.

The Achilles tendon is the large band of tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. It helps to lift the heel off the ground when walking, running and jumping. There are factors that put you at increased risk for Achilles tendonitis. With repetitive motions or overuse, the Achilles tendon can become overloaded and inflamed, causing pain.

Let’s talk about the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis and whether it could be behind your ankle pain.

Can Achilles Tendonitis Cause Ankle Pain?

Given the location of the Achilles tendon, pain is usually felt along the back of the leg and in the heel when it is inflamed. Therefore, ankle pain could be caused by a strained Achilles tendon. Along with pain, stiffness can also be a symptom of Achilles tendonitis. The pain and stiffness tend to be worse in the morning and improve with activity.

Who Is At Greater Risk of Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis may be common in athletes, but weekend warriors can also develop this injury. Aging is a risk factor for this condition, as the structures of the tendon tend to weaken with age. The structures of your foot can also make you susceptible to this issue – a naturally flat foot puts a greater strain on the Achilles tendon. Wearing worn-out shoes is also not a good idea, as your foot needs the support of a proper shoe. Other factors include being overweight or obese and being sedentary, which cause extra pressure and tightness in the calf muscles, and can lead to Achilles tendonitis.

Why Should You See a Specialist For Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain is a symptom that can have many different underlying causes. Without a proper evaluation by a doctor, there is no way to be sure that your ankle pain is indeed caused by an inflamed Achilles tendon and not a sprain, fracture, bursitis, and arthritis. The doctor will check things such as the flexibility and range of motion of your foot and ankle and may also order imaging tests, such as an X-ray, to accurately diagnose your condition.

Moreover, Achilles tendonitis can weaken the Achilles tendon, and a weakened tendon is highly vulnerable to rupturing. An Achilles tendon rupture causes severe, sharp pain and usually requires ankle surgery to repair. With comprehensive treatment, you can reduce the risk of an Achilles tendon rupture.

Ankle Surgeon in Cincinnati, OH

Our podiatrists at Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care are board-certified foot and ankle surgeons who can treat all types of ankle injuries, including Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendon rupture. We can provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition and design a treatment plan that helps your injury heal completely, as well as strengthen your Achilles tendon and improve your foot and ankle health. Our doctors are also highly experienced in Achilles tendon repair if you ever need it.

To schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified podiatrists, call our podiatry clinic nearest you or use our convenient online request form. Our friendly staff looks forward to assisting you with your needs.

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